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After Learning These 6 Reasons, You Must Have an Air Purifier for Your Baby’s Room!

Discover how investing in an air purifier can transform your baby's health and well-being. Don't wait any longer – your baby's future depends on it!

By Sarah Davis | Apr 8, 2024 | 9:30 am GMT +8

⚠️Attention new parents!

Your baby's room might be hiding some invisible dangers that could seriously affect their health and development. It's important to remember that your baby's health is at its most fragile during this crucial stage of growth. Their brain, cognitive system, and immune system are still developing, making it absolutely essential to provide the best possible environment for them.

Why your baby's room needs a good air purifier

A premium but affordable air purifier like the Sterra Moon Air Purifier can provide major benefits to your baby during their crucial developmental stage. Below are the top 6 reasons, and why you must act NOW:

1. Prevent allergies and asthma

The Sterra Moon Air Purifier can eliminate all harmful pollutants like PM2.5, dust, pollen, and pet dander that can increase the risk of your baby developing allergies and asthma, according to scientific studies.

2. Shield against harmful particles

Bacteria, viruses, and mold spores can lurk in your baby's room, threatening their health. The Sterra Moon destroys these harmful particles to help your baby stay safe from potential illnesses.

3. Promote better sleep

A well-rested baby is a happy and healthy baby! The Sterra Moon can effectively clean the air to provide a comfortable environment for your baby to sleep, which means better sleep for you too.

4. Boost immune system health

The Sterra Moon effectively cleans the air to support your baby's immune system and healthy growth. Don't take any chances with your baby's well-being – give them the best start in life with this investment!

5. Enhance cognitive development

Research suggests that cleaner air, provided by good air purifiers like the Sterra Moon, can positively impact cognitive development in children. Invest in your baby's future intelligence by providing an environment that nurtures their growing brain.

6. Give peace of mind

As a parent, nothing is more important than your baby's health. A premium but affordable air purifier like the Sterra Moon gives you complete peace of mind that you are doing everything in your power to provide the best environment for your little one.

Sterra Moon - a must-have in your baby's room


Sterra Moon Air Purifier

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Unique medical-grade filtration system

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The affordable air purifier with this powerful spec

Being one of the most popular air purifiers in the USA, the Sterra Moon Air Purifier is used by thousands of Americans and celebrities. It features the latest air purification technology to provide the best air filtration against allergens, bacteria, viruses, and other air pollutants, without the pricey cost.

The Sterra Moon Air Purifier packs cutting-edge technology to provide the best air filtering system but comes at a reasonable price. It is a popular household option because Sterra offers value for money by providing high-quality air purifiers but making them budget-friendly. 

The Sterra Moon uses the Triple Layer Medical Grade True HEPA-13 system - a unique and powerful filtration system with multiple specialized layers that are even used in hospitals to keep the air clean.

Patented pre-filter

Patented filter fabric extends the primary filter's life span of the  by sieving out larger airborne pollutants first such as hair, dust, lint, and fur. 

Activated carbon layer

Extremely porous layer absorbs air contaminants and neutralises odor in the air such as smoke, pet odours, foul smells, cooking smells, etc.

True HEPA-13 filter

Captures up to 99.97% of all indoor air pollutants and allergens down to 0.3 μm in size such as mold spores, pollen, pet dander, dust mites, VOCs, PM2.5, and much more.

UV-C light technology

Destroys airborne mold spores, bacteria, and viruses to reduce levels of airborne allergens and pathogens, ensuring they don't reproduce and get back into the air.

Sterra's unique combination of protection removes 99.97% of indoor air pollutants to provide you with cleaner air, healthier skin, better sleep, and improved overall health.

Captures 99.97% of all indoor air pollutants

Dust Mites

Pet Dander




Mold Spores


PM2.5 & PM10


And Others

Proven to work by multiple studies

The following six scientific studies reveal the astonishing benefits of good air purifiers like the Sterra Moon for babies and children, providing you with the peace of mind you deserve as a parent:

1. Improved asthma control

Eggleston et al. (2017) found that using HEPA air purifiers in homes resulted in reduced indoor fine particulate matter concentrations and improved children's asthma control. Source: Environmental Health Perspectives, 125(12), 126001.

2. Reduced TRAP exposure

Davila et al. (2018) demonstrated that using air purifiers with HEPA filters in homes with children reduced exposure to traffic-related air pollution (TRAP) and particulate matter, potentially benefiting children's respiratory health. Source: Indoor Air, 28(5), 771-782.

3. Cognitive development

Chen et al. (2015) discovered that using air purifiers with HEPA filters in classrooms improved cognitive performance in children, suggesting that cleaner air may positively impact cognitive development. Source: JAMA Pediatrics, 169(6), 600-606.

4. Better cardiovascular health

Luo et al. (2020) found that the use of air purifiers in classrooms effectively improved indoor air quality, leading to significant reductions in students' blood pressure, heart rate, and pulse pressure. Source: Indoor and Built Environment, 29(8), 1124-1135.

5. Reduced inflammation

Kajbafzadeh et al. (2015) showed that HEPA air purifier use reduced indoor particulate matter concentrations, leading to improved endothelial function and reduced inflammation, which are indicators of cardiovascular health. Source: Occup Environ Med, 72(6), 394-400.

6. Reduced asthma medications

Myatt et al. (2008) found that the use of air cleaners in the homes of asthmatic children could lead to significant reductions in asthma symptoms and the need for rescue medication. Source: Environmental Health, 7(1), 43.

Smart technologies for daily ease of use

The Sterra Moon Air Purifier comes with a variety of additional smart technologies and features to help you operate it with ease and peace of mind knowing the air in your home is always clean.

Real-time air quality tracking

Measures your air quality in real time and displays different colors on built-in LED indicator ring accordingly to indicate if your air is clean or dirty.

Whisper-quiet operation

Can operate at whisper-quiet noise level of 20dB on low fan speeds to provide white noise to improve your sleep quality, immune system, and overall health.

Mobile app control

Included Sterra mobile application comes packed with plenty of handy and nifty features to make operating the air purifier everyday truly a breeze.

Easy to change & long-lasting filter

Changing the air filter is designed to be easy as changing batteries in a remote control. Unlike other air filters that last for a month, Sterra Moon air filters can last up to 6 months.

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