6 Scientific Studies That Show Benefits of Air Purifiers for Babies


MAY 16, 2024

Many people are asking whether the benefits of air purifiers for babies are proven.

The short answer is YES!

And we will discuss 6 scientific studies and their conclusion on the benefits of air purifier on babies' health.

Discover 6 scientific studies that will blow your mind!

Dear parents, are you aware of the groundbreaking research that supports the use of air purifiers in your baby's room?

The following six scientific studies reveal the astonishing benefits of air purifiers for babies and children, providing you with the peace of mind you deserve:

1. Improved asthma control

Eggleston et al. (2017) found that using HEPA air purifiers in homes resulted in reduced indoor fine particulate matter concentrations and improved children's asthma control. Source: Environmental Health Perspectives, 125(12), 126001.

2. Reduced exposure to traffic-related air pollution

Davila et al. (2018) demonstrated that using air purifiers with HEPA filters in homes with children reduced exposure to traffic-related air pollution (TRAP) and particulate matter, potentially benefiting children's respiratory health. Source: Indoor Air, 28(5), 771-782.

3. Enhanced cognitive performance

Chen et al. (2015) discovered that using air purifiers with HEPA filters in classrooms improved cognitive performance in children, suggesting that cleaner air may positively impact cognitive development. Source: JAMA Pediatrics, 169(6), 600-606.

4. Better cardiovascular health

Luo et al. (2020) found that the use of air purifiers in classrooms effectively improved indoor air quality, leading to significant reductions in students' blood pressure, heart rate, and pulse pressure. Source: Indoor and Built Environment, 29(8), 1124-1135.

5. Reduced inflammation and improved endothelial function

Kajbafzadeh et al. (2015) showed that HEPA air purifier use reduced indoor particulate matter concentrations, leading to improved endothelial function and reduced inflammation, which are indicators of cardiovascular health. Source: Occup Environ Med, 72(6), 394-400.

6. Fewer asthma symptoms and reduced need for rescue medication

Myatt et al. (2008) found that the use of air cleaners in the homes of asthmatic children could lead to significant reductions in asthma symptoms and the need for rescue medication. Source: Environmental Health, 7(1), 43.

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