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By Sarah Davis | Mar 11, 2024 | 11:11 am PST

Sneezing and coughing

Sneezing is a sudden, forceful, and involuntary expulsion of air from the lungs and is your body’s way to expel and remove harmful irritants from entering into your system through your nose and mouth.

Coughing, on the other hand, is also a reflex action that expels harmful irritants and mucus from entering the lungs and throat. It helps to clear the airways and protect your lungs from damage.

Sneezing and coughing are two of your body's many ways to try removing the harmful irritants, allergens, and foreign particles from entering into your body and causing harm to you.

Apart from sneezing and coughing, you may also experience other common dust allergy symptoms such as sinus, blocked or runny nose, sore throat, or itchy watery eyes, which are all your body's signal to cry for help, asking you to do something to protect it.

Why we sneeze and cough

Sneezing is triggered by irritation in the nasal passages. Common causes of sneezing include:

⦿ Viral infections: Cold and flu viruses can irritate the nasal passages, leading to sneezing as a natural defense mechanism.

⦿ Spicy foods: Some people may experience sneezing when eating spicy foods, which is an allergic reaction of the nose when exposed to capsaicin, a compound found in chili peppers.

⦿ Dry air: Low humidity levels in the air can dry out the lining of the nose, making it inflamed and irritated, leading to sneezing.

⦿ Medications: Sneezing can be one of the side effects some people may experience while taking medications such as ACE inhibitors, Beta-blockers, Aspirin, and Antihypertensive medications.

⦿ Photic sneeze reflex: Some people may experience sneezing when suddenly exposed to bright light. If you have this reflex, you probably inherited this trait from your parents.

Coughing helps clear the airways of irritants and mucus. Common causes of coughing include:

⦿ Upper respiratory tract infections: Viral or bacterial infections such as the common cold, flu, bronchitis, or pneumonia can cause coughing.

⦿ Post-nasal drip: Excess mucus dripping down the back of the throat can irritate the airways and cause coughing. This typically occurs after a recent infection or prolonged exposure to allergens in the air.

⦿ Gastro-esophageal reflux (GERD): This digestive disorder occurs when stomach acid backs up into the esophagus, which then causes heartburn and dry coughing, especially when you lie down.

⦿ Asthma: People who experience this chronic condition (inflammation of airways) often display many symptoms including coughing.

⦿ Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD): Conditions like chronic bronchitis or emphysema can cause persistent coughing.

The BIGGEST root cause of sneezing, coughing, and other allergy symptoms is right in your home

Even though above are some of the common causes of sneezing and coughing, if these allergy symptoms are chronic and persistent, chances are the indoor environment of your home is to blame.

In fact, the #1 root cause of all chronic allergy symptoms such as sneezing, sinus, blocked or runny nose, sore throat, or itchy watery eyes is exposure to harmful airborne allergens and irritants hidden within your home.

When you display indoor allergy symptoms, it's your body trying to remove these harmful allergens in the air from your system. For example, when you sneeze, your body is using liquid to expel and remove harmful irritants that are trying to enter into your system.

The common allergens that trigger indoor allergies

If you constantly sneeze, cough, or display any other indoor allergy symptoms, the indoor air in your living space may be filled with harmful pollutants and allergens.

They can trigger allergy symptoms and cause serious inflammation, which can lead to significantly higher health risks such as asthma, heart attacks, stroke, lung cancer, weak immune system, brain decline, lower life expectancy in the future.

Here are the most common indoor allergens that are responsible for your allergy symptoms:

Dust Mites

Mold Spores


Household Dust

Pet Dander

Skin Flakes

Best ways to reduce common allergens at home

Being aware that airborne indoor allergens are the root cause of your persistent allergy symptoms, let's take a look at the best safe, natural, and effective ways to remove these harmful irritants from the air and achieve a fresher, cleaner air for your home.

Regularly cleaning your house

Vacuuming or mopping your floors, disposing of trash, dusting your shelves and cabinets, and washing your rugs all help to reduce the amount of piled-up household dust and other harmful indoor allergens.

Frequently changing your bedding

Replacing pillow cases, mattresses, and upholstered furniture covers, and washing your blankets and bed sheets does wonders in keeping dust mites and other allergens at bay to reduce allergies.

Grooming and bathing your pets

Bathing your pets helps remove pet dander from your their skins. You can also groom your pets or brush them to minimize their shedding, which helps lessen the amount of piled-up pet hair and dander.

Keeping mold in check

To prevent mold, fix any leaky appliances or water stains, and regularly clean wet or damped areas like bathrooms, basements, and spaces behind drywall or wallpaper with mold-eliminating solutions.

Use the Sterra Moon air purifier

The Sterra Moon is the only air purifier equipped with Triple Layer UVC Hospital-grade Filtration System that effectively captures 99.97% of all harmful air pollutants that trigger indoor allergies such as fine dust, mold spores, pollen, pet dander, dust mites, skin flakes, and much more to help clean the air in your home and relieve all your allergy symptoms.

Instant & long-lasting relief from allergy symptoms

The Sterra Moon uses a unique Triple Layer UVC Hospital-grade True HEPA-13 Filtration System that is designed by air quality experts to effectively improve your indoor air quality and relief all your allergy symptoms. This unique filtration system includes multiple defense layers, each with a specific purpose:

⦿ Hospital-grade True HEPA-13 filter: Effectively captures most extra fine allergens down to 0.3 μm such as fine dust, mold spores, pollen, pet dander, and dust mites. This filter layer can be found in complex air filtration systems used in hospitals and big expensive homes.

⦿ Activated charcoal filter: Removes foul smelly odors such as pet odor, cooking smells, smoke, and chemical fumes that can worsen your indoor allergy symptoms.

⦿ Patented pre-filter: Sieves out larger harmful allergens known to trigger indoor allergies such as pet fur, hair, lint, cockroach droppings, and dust.

⦿ Advanced UV-C light system: Inactivates airborne mold spores, bacteria, viruses, and pathogens and prevents them from reproducing and recirculating back into the air.

This unique winning combination offers instant & long-lasting relief from your allergy symptoms, improves your sleep quality, and boosts your immune system

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The Sterra Moon is specially designed, lab tested, and scientifically proven to provide great relief from common indoor allergies (allergic rhinitis). Here are some studies:

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